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87% DISCOUNT to Porter Stansberry's Research

Typically, for access to my firm’s financial research and investment ideas, you need to invest $1,425 per year.

However, the stories I told you about today are something I believe every person should have access to which is why I'm giving you the opportunity to get these reports at 87% OFF.


The AI Illusion

Inside this special briefing you’ll get an unflinching view into what’s really going on in the artificial intelligence markets, why much of what you’re being told is a lie, and how you can see through the hype.

My analysts and I detail the sector in a way you’ve never seen before…

We analyze the current market (and the key companies in it) with a sober, unbiased view that cuts through the hype and misinformation that is leading most investors down a dangerous path.

We detail the companies you must avoid at all costs… along with the companies who could benefit from AI over the long-run, including:


Along with the AI Illusion you’ll get three deep dives into three companies on the frontlines of this industry:

The $1 Trillion Powerhouse  This is a fintech company that’s on its way to becoming a $1 trillion powerhouse - an undisputed leader in its field thanks to recent advancements in AI.

The Prettiest Stock on Wall Street  is a cosmetic firm whose proprietary algorithm has enabled them to grow their earnings nearly every year for the last decade.

The Apple of Agriculture  is an equipment manufacturer that, believe it or not, may end up literally saving the world 20 years from now.



Discover the exceptional, albeit despised, firm that is positioned to reap windfall profits as the global energy markets realize the failure of green energy.

You'll see how years of progressive energy policies combined with the mania around tech stocks has set the stage for a multi-year rally for this company.



Discover the company that could become one of the most valuable energy infrastructure facilities in the world.

It has a unique business model designed solely to serve international markets for energy. Backed by billionaire investors, we believe this company will be worth at least $100 billion in ten years.


Cold War 2.0

Discover the lower-risk way to profit from oil and gas with this Permian-based royalty firm.

This wealth-building strategy was invented by the legendary oilman and billionaire, T. Boone Pickens… and inside Better Than Buffett you’ll get Porter's #1 way to profit from it.

This company trades for a mere 6x free cash flow – cash that flows right back to investors via share buybacks and distributions – and it has the potential to deliver both huge market-beating returns and significant income.



As a special free bonus you'll also get access to one of Porter's most controversial reports ever... it reveals a nearly foolproof way to profit on the growth of poverty in America.
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Porter & Co. is the world’s pre-eminent investment research firm.

We invest millions of dollars to bring our readers the best financial research and investing opportunities in the market. 

Our team includes Wall Street legends, former fund managers, and Fortune 100 consultants, all of whom are dedicated to producing the most valuable research available anywhere, at any price.

Typically, to access our research you'd need to invest $1,425. As part of this special offer, however, you are getting some of our most valuable research for just $199.

Due to this, and in order to protect our intellectual property, we cannot offer refunds on this offer. All sales are final. 

If you think Porter & Co. is right for you and you accept these terms, we’d be thrilled for you to take advantage of this exclusive offer to get our research at a fraction of the cost others invested. 

If you’re unsure, talk to your financial advisor. Heck, have them give us a call. Because we are confident that the value of our research and the services we provide will speak for themselves.

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